It's Your Move by Nick Savoy

It's Your Move Book

In an age of instant gratification, the "Battle of the Sexes" is not immune from the same desire for easy solutions and quick fixes. While women have learned to accept their role as choosers in the game of dating and seduction, popular media and magazines catering to them promote harmful myths and superficial answers in their desires to attract and hold onto a quality man. Women are told that all they need to do is just "show up and look pretty" in order to get the man. Or they receive conflicting messages about how to treat a man in order to keep him. But women need just as much skill and technique in order to purse their own goals in the game as men do. Many men have learned how to increase their success with women through concrete techniques in order to improve their "game" and therefore in order to be successful in their own goals, women must now learn how these techniques are being used by men, as well as how to improve their own techniques in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Nick Savoy has taught thousands of men how to pursue their goals of attracting and seducing women, and the time has come for him to reveal his secrets. In observing countless male/female interactions, he knows many of the hidden motivations driving both men and women in their eternal dance. Now he will help women in the same way he has helped men, with the result hopefully being more fulfilling relationships for both the women AND men involved.

"Like any elite athlete or 'player,' you need a coach. Nick Savoy is very savvy--he knows what he is talking about. It's Your Move is the official play book for women dating now."
- Myreah Moore, author of Date Like a Man

IT'S YOUR MOVE: How to Play the Game and Win the Man You Want by master pickup artist Nick Savoy (Grand Central Publishing; February 5, 2013; 978-1609413989; $13.99) is about to reveal all of the methods thousands of men every year pay to learn. Nick Savoy is the president of Love Systems in Los Angeles, which is a boot camp-based system to teach men how to meet women. He runs boot camps all over the world every weekend and is now about to reveal the secrets he teaches men so women can take the power back!

Every woman wants to get inside men's heads, decode their actions, and above all, learn how to play their game. Nick Savoy can help them do just that. You've seen Will Smith in the movie Hitch-the date doctor, the sentimental advisor...the guy who helps men land the women they want? Meet Nick Savoy: Hitch in real life.

As a top instructor at the leading worldwide dating consultancy for men, Savoy has taught hundreds of thousands his highly effective techniques for attracting, seducing, and dating women. Now, he blows the cover off the multi-million dollar pickup industry, revealing the successful strategies women can use to turn the tables, play the players, and separate the good guys from the bad.

Readers will learn:

Whether they want a one-night stand, a second date, or a long-term relationship, IT'S YOUR MOVE is the key to helping women get the relationship they truly want.

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